Saturday, February 4, 2012

Six Things Saturday

1. I finally got my head to touch the floor in this pose in yoga yesterday.  Now I can start working on pushing up into a headstand.  I'm sure that won't take long ;)
From Yoga Journal
2. As of 3pm yesterday, I'm one week caffeine free.  I'm not saying I didn't want a sweet, wonderful delicious Diet Mt. Dew at about 3pm yesterday, but I'm still going strong.

3. I also drank my last soda yesterday.  Because of #2 I have no excuse for drinking sweet, wonderful, delicious Diet Mt. Dew anymore.  I'll probably have some soda on special occasions... I do love Great Dane root beer... but it's out of my day to day life.

4. I want a fish nightlight.

5. I finished a major revision of a paper yesterday, and it was a huge relief to send it off to the front office to be formatted and sent to coauthors.  When/if it gets published, it will be my first first-author publication.

6. I'm 17% through the second Hunger Games book.  Do I try to finish it this weekend but have to wait longer (I can get the third book from the Amazon lending library in March) to read the final book or try to stretch it out but have to wait longer to find out what will happen???  Decisions, decisions.

What are you up to this weekend?

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