What started as afternoon jogs around Lake Alice has developed into my most beloved, maddening and enduring hobby.  Over the last 10 years, I've participated in a variety of races from 5ks to marathons.  During the last year I took a break to grow another human, but now I'm officially back in action.

From Crazylegs 2010 (I'm on the right)

Right now my goal is to increase the time and distance I'm able to run and then add in some speed and hopefully be ready to race a few 1/2 marathons and 10ks this fall.  Of course it's a whole different story now that I'm trying to balance motherhood in the equation.  

Postpartum PRs are TBA!

Here are my current pre-pregnancy running PRs and race reports from my old blog EarlyRunner:

Bellin Run 5K section of the 10k (6/2010) - 23:21
CrazyLegs 8K (4/2010) - 38:59
Bellin 10K (6/2010) - 47:37
Fall 15k (10/2010) - 1:15:42
Lake Monona 20K (5/2010) - 1:45:55
Fox Cities 1/2 Marathon (9/2008) - 1:48:49
Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon (10/2010) - 4:03:17

And a few other reports from Madison races:
Haunted Hustle 2011
Shamrock Shuffle 2011
Berbee Derby 2010
Girls on the Run 2010
Madison Mini Marathon 2010
Madison 1/2 Marathon 2010
Shamrock Shuffle 2009
Berbee Derby 2009
Literacy Run 2009
Zoo Run Run 2009
Shamrock Shuffle 2009
Berbee Derby 2008

One thing I get asked a lot is if I continue running through the winter.  I do end up doing a lot of my runs on the treadmill in January and February, but I also believe that if you dress appropriately and keep your expectations realistic, it's totally possible to do some running outside all winter long.  Maybe not 100% enjoyable, but possible.

I'd also refer you to Dr. TriRunner, who has two posts on winter running.

Post Baby PR's to come!!!


  1. Kristen LandrevilleOctober 8, 2012 at 11:41 PM

    I remember running together in college. I miss those days! I don't make/have the time now for running, but it is one of my life goals to run a marathon. Perhaps once the kids are older and more independent, I'll be able to. Oh, and I've heard that giving birth is similar to running a marathon. I haven't run a marathon, so I don't know for sure, but I have given birth twice without drugs/epidurals and it's damn hard! You can let me know after you give birth which activity is harder (birthing or marathon running). Haha. :-)

    1. I guess I'll find out, but my gut feeling is that giving birth is harder. It certainly lasts a lot longer, and, although you can quit running a marathon if you really want/need to, you don't get to quit being in labor until it's over. I hope you get to run a marathon one day if you want to. The training and everything is soooo time consuming, though. I don't see another one in my future for many years.