Friday, June 22, 2012

The Honeymoon Begins

I'm now at 14 weeks- the beginning of the 2nd trimester- which is the "honeymoon period" of pregnancy that is book-ended by the flu-like state of the 1st trimester and the walrus-like state of the 3rd trimester.  And it's true that I've been feeling much much much better.  My nausea and headache symptoms have eased up considerably in the last couple weeks, and I've felt much less fatigued.  I'm continuing to incorporate more foods back into my diet- long gone are the granola bar only days- but I'm beginning to think there are things that just won't taste the same to me.  Sweets, meat, soda, gum... they just don't have the appeal they once did.  Maybe that will change as time goes on.

Am I showing?  A tiny bit.  You be the judge.

It's hard to get a good picture when I use the automatic timer.
Right now the baby is about the size of a clenched fist (a slightly cuter image than "large cocktail shrimp", which is what you get for 13 weeks) and only a few ounces, but by 18 weeks it will be about 5.5 inches long, so things are about to start changing rapidly.

I had my second OB appointment yesterday and we (Daniel came along) got to hear the heart beat using a fetal doppler.  It was a boring appointment otherwise, but it was a nice reality check that, yes, the baby was still in there and doing fine.  I definitely felt pregnant when I was super sick and tired all the time, but now that I'm doing better but not really any bigger, sometimes it's hard to remember that there's really a little someone in there.  The doctor said that I should expect to start really looking pregnant and feeling the baby at about 18 weeks.  It seems so soon but also so far away.

Anyway... enough baby blather.  Stay tuned for pictures and a recap of our trip to London.

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  1. Yes; I would have to say there is a little something there! ;) So glad you are feeling better. MM