Friday, July 6, 2012

16 weeks!

My self-photography skills leave lots of room for improvement
One more month (from yesterday) until we find out the baby's gender!  This week he/she weighs 3-5oz and is  4-5 inches long.  The fruit size of the week is avocado.  You'd think you'd be able to tell if you were storing an avocado in your abdomen, but really... not so much.  My belly is still hovering around "large lunch" size and my weight actually dropped a pound due to a lack of appetite from the heat and random stomach upsets that still creep up from time to time.  I guess that means another pint of Ben and Jerry's is in order for this week - not that I mind one bit.

As I mentioned, it's been terribly hot this week.  I've still been running  jog/walking in increasingly smaller ratios of jog to walk, but at least I'm getting out there 4-5 times per week plus doing yoga.  I hear I should be doing squats to prepare for labor... not sure what that's about... not sure I want to know.

Anyway, I did see two interesting things when I was out yesterday morning.  First, I saw one of the Eagle Heights turkeys with two little baby turkeys.  Here's an artist's rendition:

Does anyone know what the correct name for a baby turkey is?   I'd never seen one before.   They are kind of cute.  Way more so than goslings.  As a side note, if you google "baby turkey" you mostly get pictures of babies that have been dressed up as turkeys - like the Thanksgiving eating kind - which I personally find disturbing.

The second thing I saw was what looked like the taping of an episode of CSI in the Lot 60 parking lot on campus.  Evidently a guy locked himself in his car with a bunch of toxic chemicals and called 911 to say he planned to commit suicide.  Pretty crazy!  I guess I'll have to keep getting out there or I'll miss something good.  

Looking forward to the weekend and some cooler temperatures next week.  Also, we will decide (although we've 90% decided) if we're going to lease the new apartment this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed that nothing bad happens to make the deal fall through.

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