Wednesday, July 4, 2012

If I melt, just mop me up

It's toooooooooo hot.

Ick.  I really shouldn't even complain because other than riding my bike to and from work (the bus declared independence from running today) and doing some laundry (that'll be fun), I don't have to experience outside all that much.  Poor Daniel has to hike all over campus.

I decided to go into work today 1. Because it's air conditioned, 2. Because my bosses will go on vacation for a week and a half on Saturday, and I thought it would good to try to get some extra work done before they leave and 3. I'd rather celebrate the 4th of July by spending a day unpacking after we move.  I guess I could have accomplished #1 by going to the movies to watch Magic Mike, but I was afraid the hot would cancel out the cold.   

Looks like the heat is just as bad across the rest of the country so try to stay cool out there.  Our little window air conditioner that could is chugging away just to keep it below 80 at home.  I guess I'm going get an early taste of what it's like to have a $120 electric bill...  

Happy Independence Day.  


  1. Congratulations are in order! So happy for you. Glad to hear tha you are feeling better. I promise this is all worth it!
    Certainly is hard to stay cool in these temp's and with the extra blod circulating in your body - you are probably warmer than normal.
    I have glanced at some of your older posts - London looks wonderful!

    I ran a easy 2 miles this morning followed by a 20 mile bike ride and am now headed to shower, although just stepping outside will make me sweat all over again!

    Take care!

  2. Thanks!

    What are you training for now?

  3. On the running front - Not much over the summer. I will be doing the Full Moon 5k and had planned to do the madison mini again in August, but we will be in Canada that weekend - so that is out. I did the Madison Marathon (1/2) in May and the Ragnar Madison to Chicago relay in early June, which is a whole story in itself! Jamie and I were on a team of midwest bloggers. It was a great experience and met some wonderful people - I have not yet blogged about - I know that the Ragnar, was probably a one time experience for me. I am signed up for the Tryranena 1/2 in November. I had been training pretty hard for the 1/2 and Ragnar relay in the spring and told myself that I should keep up the 9-10 mile long runs - I did for the first week and then . . . the heat hit and I just couldn't handle it - 5 miles has been about my longest run in 3 weeks. I am OK with that, well I have to be OK, cause that is all I can handle. I figure I will just increase my milage again in the fall, or when we get real summer weather, which ever comes first!!!
    On the biking front - I am doing a lot of biking, which is a lot easier for me to handle during this hot weather. I am trying to bike to work at least 3 days a week and do that or more during most weeks since May 1. My husband and I bike to work together, which is really nice. We usually try to head somewhere on the weekend - New Glarus Brewery, Tryranena in Lake Mills, or even Paoli. Last weekend a friend and I headed to Pardeeville for a 50 mile ride through the Amish country side. It was HOT, but still a great ride. I will be participating in the Boys and Girls club ride and the MS 150 again this year.

    That is it for me. SOOOOOOO glad to see your posting again and for your wonderful news. It is such an exciting time and will only get better. Today is my son's (Joe - you met him at the Crazy Legs run) birthday - he is 24! Hardly seems possible. I think at every development stage - we think - oh stay that age, it is wonderful . . . but let me tell you, through good and bad, each year it gets better and better.

    Enjoy this time and try to stay cool.