Monday, October 3, 2011

Aren't I supposed to feel less tired after the weekend?

1. It was really hard to get up this morning.  Forget clocky; your bladder is the best alarm clock. He's cuter, though.
2. Friday night we went out to Sushi Muramoto to celebrate Daniel's final day at Google/ the end of our discretionary income.  The last time we were ate here was almost a year ago to celebrate finishing the Milwaukee Marathon.  Even though part of me realllly wishes I hadn't let myself get out of shape over the summer, I'm also glad I didn't run a marathon yesterday.

3. Between my long run Saturday morning and the epic walk we took around campus in the afternoon, I moved myself around 17 to 18 miles, which is by far the most exercise I've gotten in one day since... ummm... this time last year.

4. We walked from our apartment through campus, around the stadium and down Regent Street to check out the tailgating festivities before the Wisconsin/Nebraska game.  There weren't as many people around as we'd expected, although we'd heard that Madison was expecting something like 15,000 people from Nebraska who didn't have tickets to drive over for the game anyway.  It is an 8 hour drive from Lincoln, NE to Madison, WI (through Iowa- yuck!).  Nebraska must be really boring.

6.  The whole Nebraska Blackshirt thing is kind of creepy.


7. Not that Badger fans would know anything about creepy.

 8. Move over bags and ball toss, the most impressive tailgating/party game is Giant Jenga.

9. We tried to watch the both the WI/NE game and the FL/AB games on our internet TV, but it just didn't work so we went to The Great Dane and watched the first half of the Badger game there.  Very exciting game with lots of big plays.

10. We saw during the half time show that Florida's quarterback was taken out with a (probably) season-ending injury.  Daniel thought it might be the best thing to happen to the Gators.  It wasn't.

11. Sunday was a very musical day.  Daniel played at two morning church services and we went to singing in the afternoon.

12. And Sunday evening we went to see Richard Thompson play at the Stoughton Opera House.  If you aren't familiar with Richard Thompson, imagine Captain Picard as an aging folk rock star.

14. We didn't get home until after 10pm, which made my 4:30am alarm even more painful that it usually is on Monday.  But I'm one cup of coffee further toward feeling like an awake, alert human being.  The chilly bike ride to the gym will also help.

15. I'm beginning the countdown to my first race since March.  This is going to be a mini-taper week with some things re-arranged so I feel rested on Sunday.  I'm doing weights today and Thursday, a sort-of speed workout on Tuesday, easy runs on Wednesday and Saturday and yoga on Friday.  Then 10k here I come!

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  1. Good luck on your upcoming 10k! It is a really fun distance if you are used to half or full marathons! The finish comes very quickly!