Saturday, October 8, 2011


  • The sunrise over the lake was beautiful.  I stopped to take a picture as I was biking into work.  Those little black things on the water are the crew team practicing. 

  • I got four tickets to the Indiana - Wisconsin game next Saturday when my in-laws visit.
I was never super impressed with a rodent as a mascot, but
that thing looks pretty mean.
  • I sat at my desk at work and decided that what I was trying to convince myself were allergy symptoms were really symptoms of actual illness, and I should take my first sick day since 2008(!) and go home.
  • Three episodes of Mad Men, a 3-hour nap, 200 pages of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, 1/2 a 2-liter bottle of Diet Mt. Dew left over from our work chili cook-off lunch, and 11 hours of sleep later, I feel much better.  I'm still coughing a bit, by I have my energy back and the achy joint, hot-cold swing symptoms are gone.
  • Which is good news since I'm signed up to take a photography class today.  It's warm, but we have a lot of fall color going on- the perfect combination.
  •  As long as I continue to feel better, I'm still planning to run the Literacy Network 10k tomorrow but with "managed expectations".
Enjoy your Saturday!

1 comment:

  1. Dude! That thing looks SCARY!

    Your picture of early morning crew practice makes me miss it! Sunrises were always so gorgeous!

    I am glad you feel better!