Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh dear

T minus two hours until the start of the Haunted Hustle half marathon.

Registering for this race seemed like such a good idea at the time...  I'd come off a break from training, I'd done some good workouts, and I was ready for fall racing season to start.  Fast forward to now, and, well, I'm ambivalent.  Which is not exactly the way you want to feel two hours before race time.

Or maybe that's fine.

Unlike my last race where I expected some kind of miraculous PR despite the fact that it was hot and I was sick (must have been the NyQuil), this time I kind of don't care.  Actually, I never really don't care.  I've never been able to do a race "easy, just for fun", but I have no great expectations for the outcome, and I'm at peace with that.  My plan is to start out not too slow and not too fast and then keep that up for the remainder of the race.  Actually, I think I'm going to line up with the 1:50 pace group and see what happens.  1:50 is an ambitious goal, but knowing myself and knowing I tend to go out too fast, I think as long as I don't go out faster than the 1:50 group, I'll probably be okay.  

I'm still dubious, but- despite the fact that this race does loops through Middleton- not exactly the most scenic course in the Madison area- it got rave reviews from friends who ran it in its inaugural year last year.  It's also very small.  There are only 300 runners in the marathon field (and one is RDM, good luck, Jamie!).  Runners are encouraged to wear costumes and all the water stops have themes.  I'm not one to go all out for Halloween, but my mom came up with a cute idea for something that would be easy to run with.  Here's a hint:

I'm still not 100% sure how I'm going to attach it to myself, but I'll figure that out when I get dressed in a minute!

Have you ever done a race "just for fun"?  Raced in a costume?  Any guesses what mine is?

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