Wednesday, December 14, 2011


WIWW FAIL.  It was really cold last Saturday: 9F with a windchill that brought the temp down to -1.  I had on tights, wool socks, a long sleeved shirt, a fleece jacket, a neck muffler, a hat, and heavy gloves.  I thought I was dressed warmly enough, but I got out to the stop sign about 1/4 a mile from our apartment and decided to bag my run.  I wasn't really under dressed- I probably could have used another layer on top and some Hot Hands and Toasti Toes, but the truth is- for me at least- running when it gets much below 10 degrees is not a lot of fun no matter how you dress.  Any exposed flesh hurts and breathing burns a little.  I probably could have kept going- I was only planning to go out for about 30 minutes- and I've run in temperatures that cold plenty of times before, but I just didn't care that much.  I went back and enjoyed a warm 90 min yoga class instead.      

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  1. Oh man that is cold!! I really take winter running day by day. It just depends on so many factors that its hard to plan ahead and you really have to be flexible. Hopefully it wont always be that cold!