Saturday, December 3, 2011

November goals recap

I set out 5 things I wanted to do before the end of last month, and the results were... mixed.  While it's lame to set goals and not meet them, I think actually having a measurable goal helps me get closer to achieving something (that I actually want to do) than not having it.  So how'd it go?

1. Continue riding my bike to work through the end of the month - Well, I gave up on that awhile ago, but I have been doing a good job walking to/from work and taking the stairs as part of my anti-laziness campaign.

2. Finish another row on my snowflake afghan - Um... I got a row of snowflakes done but not sewn together.  I think doing one or the other but not both is realistic for one month.  I also blame the Gators and their abysmal season for me not finishing the whole row.  I'm sure I would have worked on this more if I'd had some football to enjoy.  It will actually be half way done when I finish this row.

3. Practice the piano for more than 11 hours -  I had 10 hours, 35 minutes when I totaled up my practice time at the end of the month.  We'll be gone a lot this month traveling for the holidays so I know I won't hit 11 hours, but I'll try again in January.

4. Do yoga at least twice a week and figure out my winter training schedule -  I actually have done a good job with this one.  I got a month unlimited yoga package from the Ashtanga studio down the road, and I've really been enjoying it.  Since I ran the Haunted Hustle, I've been doing yoga 4 days a week, about 1/2 hour of weights two days a week, and running about 1/2 hour three days a week.  I think that's a good schedule for the winter, but part of me wants to take the plunge and do yoga 100%.  I'm really enjoying it and making progress, but I know that daily practice is important, and I'm not good about doing it without actually being in a class.  BUT, I'm scared to completely stop running.  I don't want to turn into a human bowl of Jello.  Maybe I'll try it next week and see how it goes.  I'll certainly still be able to run three miles in a row if I take a whole week off and then start again.

5. Write my Christmas letter and get my cards ready - I did write the letter (actually a 5-stanza Christmas poem) and buy cards, but we had some technical difficulties getting our picture ready.  I'm planning to get that printed off at Target this evening, and I can assemble the cards tomorrow to get them out in the mail on Monday.

December goals...  Because of all the rigmarole around the holidays, I'm only going to set two:

1. Continue doing yoga multiple times a week.  There's an Ashtanga studio that's not really close to where my parents live, but they have a 1-week "try it out" deal that you can do that would be perfect for our vacation time.  I also have a good DVD I can bring along.  

2. This one is terrifying, but I'm putting it out there - stop drinking soda again.  I really like Diet Mt. Dew, but I got a scare a couple weeks ago when I chipped a tooth, and I know diet soda is not good for bones/teeth.      In the immediate future, I want to replace soda with coffee (because I would die without either the magic fairy dust or caffeine), but I want to quit coffee and caffeine after I get my teeth cleaned in January.  I think the motivation to keep my teeth sparkly white will be helpful.  What have I done???... I'm getting heart palpitations just thinking about it!


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  1. A friend of mine (pretty much strictly runner/triathlete) decided to do yoga every day for 90 days straight. All I gotta say is more props to you....!! The one nice thing about it is that it can be done from home so easily. Oh wait... like running? Hahaha but I can't do that anyways! Maybe I should reconsider. ;)