Sunday, March 11, 2012

First day with the windows open, 2012

It's 66 degrees out!!!  Time to let in a little fresh air.

This has actually been a fairly eventful weekend for us as early spring weekends go.

Friday night we went out for pizza and skee-ball at Rocky Rococo Party Pizzeria.  Yeah, it sounds like a plot line from the Harold and Kumar franchise, but we had a good time.  Or at least I should say *I* had a good time defeating Daniel twice at air hockey.  He'll tell you he let me win, but everyone knows the truth; Daniel likes to win.  The pizza, while somewhat unfortunately named, (Anyone want a slice of the meatworks motherlode?) was not that bad.

Don't tell my cardiologist*
 It was no Roman Candle, but at Roman Candle you can't "accidentally" hit a kid in the face with your elbow, steal their tickets, and blow them on plastic stretchy rings.  It's an even trade.

Daniel went to work on Saturday morning and I did the usual chores, etc, to keep us from having to re-use forks or underwear, and Saturday evening we made a trip down to the Stoughton Opera House to see Junior Brown, which was a great show.  Daniel's already decided he's going to learn how to the doxology for church by just turning the tuning pegs on his guitar.

We celebrated the return to daylight savings time with a late night and early morning of getting to church to set up at the Majestic so I'm going to try to take a short nap (With the windows open!  Did I mention that???) to catch up on sleep before the work week begins.

 Glad that the log-in system is working for everyone!     

*Not my picture, but you get the gist.

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