Friday, March 30, 2012

Five Things Friday

1. The last thing Daniel wants to think about the week before Easter:

2. Our friends' baby = Gizmo?  I'm going to have to say yes on that one.

Editor's note: Her dad put these photos together.

3. Sloth photobomb:

Speaks for itself.

4. Just in time for Easter, it's a 27-lb gummy bear!  Burn off all 10,000 calories by doing kettlebell swings with it before you chow down.

Or if you're more of a megadrile fan, there's a 3lb, 2 ft. long gummy worm.  Coming soon to Daniel's side of the bed when he least expects it.  Maniacal laugh.  Maniacal laugh.

5. On a semi-serious note, this is a really cool live map of wind flow in the US:

Have a good weekend!

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