Thursday, March 15, 2012


It is officially spring in Madison!  I've been riding my bike to work and Daniel wore shorts today.  I know there's a lot of red on the weather map in the rest of the country, but we're loving our little bit of yellow.  I'm going to cry when it snows again in April.

The official end of winter was captured via time lapse photography.  Check out this neat video of the ice on Lake Mendota melting.  It's a little long, but things start to get interesting at about 1:30.

In other March, related news, last night we went to Hubbard Diner for dinner and split a slice of pie (Mint Oreo, if you were wondering - They were out of key lime) for pi day.  Although I was tempted to buy a cheesy pi-themed shirt, I resisted.  This is actually cuter than the designs of the shirts they were selling, but it gives you the idea.

They haven't switched the HVAC system over from heat to AC yet so we are all praying for the freezers to stay on and not to fall asleep at our desks after lunch.  Stay cool out there, everybody.

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