Friday, March 9, 2012


I blame it on my state... state of mind... state of residence

but I've decided to come out of retirement for ONE FINAL (blogging) MISSION.

Yeah... I've kind of missed blogging.  I haven't, however, missed attempting to "market" my blog to other people by playing the comment back rub game.  Now I've switched the settings to make the blog private, which is why you have to log in to read posts.

 I picked a simple password that will be easy to remember: YKC0.108330689655UB
That's "BUCKY" spelled backwards with pi/29 (my age) inserted in the middle.  Got it?

Just kidding.  It's whatever you used to log in to read this post in the first place.

The upside to having a private blog is that now I can write things like, "Daniel's on vacation, and I'll be eating dinner alone and defenseless at 6:30pm each evening at Babcock Ice Cream Store" or "The apartment below us (address: XXX Eagle Heights Apt X, Madison WI 53XXX) smells like boiled turnips - even with the door closed!"

You can look forward to posts on all your old  favorite topic like:

  • #$%#$^! it's cold!
  • @#$#! it's snowing!
  • @#$#@%##$%#$% it's snowing in May!
  • @#$#$@#! it's hot! (Just like shark week, it's a one-time annual event not to be missed.) 

Plus new additions like
  • It came from the pickler

Japanese pickled shoulder blade onions anyone?


  1. Hello again! Looks good...same as before. We'll look forward to checking in! Hey to Daniel. LU

  2. The pickler !!! Science in action.