Friday, May 25, 2012

10 weeks

1/4 of the way through this thing!  Here's hoping that I'm actually going to be able to enjoy (most of) the remaining 3/4.

10 weeks looks the same as 9 and 8 weeks except a little more blurry.  I'm up 1lb from last week (2lbs total) due to an abundance of ice cream-related social events, but still within the acceptable 2-4 lb 1st trimester weight gain allowance.  I'm actually kind of amazed at how little weight I've gained considering how crappy my diet and non-existent my exercise regimen has been.  I really don't want to end up with gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, or an invitation to be on next season's Biggest Loser.

This week has actually seen an improvement in my ability to eat relatively healthy food.  I've had some kind of meat and vegetables pretty much every day.  However, it's been rough in terms of having really bad headaches, especially in the afternoon, and soul-crushing fatigue.  I can no longer jog- every very slowly- my entire route around campus anymore without walking.  Riding my bike up the big hills into Eagle Heights is out, too.  In fact, I find just walking up those hills to be tiring.  I hate being a lazy bum, but I've found myself on the couch with a book every day after work.  I'm glad my piano teacher is out of town getting married right now because even practicing the keyboard is mentally and physically tiring after a day at work.

I think I've started to have a few bizarre food cravings, but nothing actionable.  It's more like I'm riding my bike home and get a big whif of bus exhaust and think, "Man, Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza would taste great for dinner!".  Then I walk my bike up the hill and decide that acquiring pizza would take waaaaayyyyy too much effort.

But I'm hanging in there.  Only 2 more weeks until the end of the 1st trimester when my frenemy hCG takes a nose dive!

We are planning to see some friends visiting from California tomorrow but otherwise don't have anything big going on for the long weekend.  I'm just looking forward to disconnecting from the computer.

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