Monday, May 28, 2012


I've been trying to take advantage of the extra day off to finish up some lingering things around the apartment that need to be done before we go on vacation in June.

Last night I *finally* finished the snowflake afghan I've been working on in fits and spurts for almost a year now.

It's going to be a gift for my mentor at work at the point we leave Madison - which won't be for a long time- but I tend to like to give myself at least a few months years to finish any kind of project like this.

Next up is one may have to be a little speedier; though who knows when we'll actually have room for a "nursery".  At minimum I have 6.5 months to finish it.  More realistically, I have until Daniel graduates.  In any case, I found this cute cross-stitch pattern way back in 2010 and decided it would be perfect for a baby's room.  Now that I'm free from the tyranny of the snowflake afghan overlord, I can start on another public works project.        

Finally I did some baby shower shopping.  I have three baby showers coming up - one before we leave and two immediately after- and I wanted to take care of the gift obligation this weekend.

Gift set 1 on the left is for one of the gals who is actually having two showers (one is a "couples" shower in a fancy restaurant so I think we are going to come out ahead financially even after buying two gifts) so I bought Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear? (an item on her registry) as a gift for one shower and another book and a squishy football for the second.

Can you see what the other book is?  I picked this up in Target, read through it, and about cried right there on the picture book aisle (which probably happens more than you think).

My mom used to read this to us when we were really little.
 For the other gal, I got a cloth diaper and some supplies and a (free with coupon) bag for stashing yucky cloth diapers when you are out.  I also got her a squishy ball.

Everybody loves the squishy balls.

Hope you had a good long weekend!

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  1. All of this is wonderful! I love the finished snowflake afghan...I remember when it was maybe one row and a couple of unattached snowflakes. Precious cross-stitch pattern. Cute and fun baby gifts!