Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall is here

Technically it doesn't start until Friday, but but all signs point to a change in seasons:

  • Runs have been completed with the aid of long sleeved shirts and mittens.  I knocked out 12 miles in 1:51 yesterday, which was a bit slower than last week, but still under my goal time of 9:20min/mile.
  • "Real" college football started
    • The Gators win vs Tennessee.  We watched most of the second half of this game and applaud new Coach Muschamp on his screamership ability. 
    • Oklahoma (sadly) wins vs FSU but only after 3/4 of each team were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.  
    • Clemson beat Auburn, which highlights the fun part of college football- that anything can happen at any time.
    • Miami beat Ohio State, which highlights the fact that Ohio State is not- and never has been- as good as people want to believe*.
  • Chili was cooked in the crock pot.
  • Yarn projects came out of hibernation.
    • Still working on turning this:

    • Into this:

Today is a rest day from working out, but I still have plenty on the agenda including:
  • Church
  • Making no-kneed pizza dough from Cooking for Geeks
  • Prepping finger foods (planned: veggies + hummus + sausage + cheese + crackers) and salted-caramel brownies for a baby shower tomorrow night.
  • Late afternoon yoga class
  • Maybe adding a some blue to those white snowflakes???
  • Getting ready for the week ahead
Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday!  What do you have on the agenda?  Any signs that it's fall where you are?

*I'm looking at you, Badgers, who think that playing Ohio State means you have a tough schedule.


  1. I LOVE this kind of weather for running. Although those chilly mornings sure did remind me about cold fingers . . . even with light gloves on. It always takes me about a mile to get my fingers warmed up.

    Re. the Badgers . . . OK Ohio St. clearly is not the Ohio St. of old. I will be glad when the season opens . . . everyone is talking about how great the Badgers are . . . and I think they will have a great team . . . but PEOPLE they have played UNLV, Oregon (that had a good team . . . but not this season), Northern Ill. - how can you possibly compare those teams to Nebraska - Michigan State - Penn St. . . . Let's get this season started!

    Apples are my "sign" that Fall is around the corner. Cortland apples from Gays Mills!