Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday link love

More of the entertaining than educational variety.  I blatantly stole this from I am Boring, but I figured that there was enough gap in our readership (mainly that my mom and Daniel's mom don't read his blog and no one else reads mine) that I could get away with re-posting it here.

25 Foods You'll Never Eat Again (in the US)

Goodbye, Ecto Cooler.  Second grade will never be the same without you.

And these Orbitz drinks... if they tasted bad, I didn't notice.  I was distracted by how awesome they were.

What is your favorite dearly departed food?  Doesn't have to be on that list. 

On a different topic, are you ready for some FOOTBALL!  If not, then you need this:

A stained glass Packers helmet lamp.  (Also sold for other teams, but who needs 'em?).  For the high class football fan in your life... 

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