Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Randomness

  • I was so industrious I put myself out of work yesterday.  The apartment is clean, errands were run, lunch for the week was cooked, and some football was even watched.  Looking forward to a chill day today.  Maybe even another football game.
  • I roasted nearly every vegetable that came in our CSA box last week just so I could leave the oven on for an hour to warm up our apartment.  It was 50 degrees in there when I got home from grocery shopping in the morning.  Too cold!
  • We'll join the rest of the world with temperatures in the 80s (inside at least) when the heats comes on next week.
  • I ran another decent 12 miler yesterday in 1:51.  I think 12 miles is my favorite long run distance.  Just enough to feel like you accomplished something but not so much that you feel like you are running forever and are exhausted the rest of the day.
  • Because my long runs have gone relatively well, I'm planning to do the Haunted Hustle 1/2 at the end of October.  It seems like a more fun course than the 10k.  Any ideas for a good costume that would be cheap and easy to run in?
  • Go Gators! with an easy win over Kentucky yesterday.  I didn't watch the game because our internet TV was on the fritz.  Next week = Alabama.  Eeek.
  • The latest issue of The Atlantic has an interesting article about college sports, NCAA and whether athletes should be paid
  • I need to go and refrigerate our crockpot yogurt from last night and get ready for church.
  • No workout today.  I thought about riding my bike to church, but since the forecast calls for scattered showers this morning, I'm going to be lazy and drive.
  • Hope you have a good Sunday.
  • I was serious about those Halloween Costume ideas!


  1. happy sunday! :) poor thing, though! apartment was 50*?!? that's freezing!

  2. Awesome job with the 12 miler! I feel like 10 miles is my comfort distance, I get sore with 12.

    I love love love roasted veggies! Yum!

  3. You do that half! Mannn it's cold there already.