Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello, computer

We finally got a new computer (after two weeks, thanks for the hustle, DoIt).  Poor old Lappy can go back into retirement.  We brought him out for this One Last Mission, but he's an old man now and is happier just playing NPR programs at dinner time and the occasional Saturday football game or episode of 30 Rock.

We had originally thought that we'd buy a new Mac laptop, but we ended up going with the polar opposite - a iMac-like Dell desktop.


We never travel with a computer, so we really didn't need a laptop, and since we don't download random attachments or do any other other stupid things that cause people to have problems with Windows, we didn't want to pay the extra $$$$$ just for the Mac brand.

The huge monitor is kind of cool.  I think we are going to take it out to the living room to watch football tomorrow.  It's almost as big as our TV and has better picture quality.

I'm undecided about the weather.  I know everyone else is in Inferno Land, but I'm not so crazy about the "Almost breaking the record for earlierst frost" thing we've got going on here.  It was hard to get out the door to run yesterday, but the weather actually felt great once I got warmed up.  I just had to remind myself that in 6 months "feels like 33" will in fact feel like a tropical paradise.  Right now it's 42, which will make for a chilly bike ride to the gym.

Finally, a little Friday link love for Fooducate, a cool blog about all things you really didn't want to know about what you eat that I found through Hey Joob.

  • First, and possibly most horrifying, the answer to the question: What is in this picture?

Happy Friday, all.  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. wow. so many things to comment on in this photo. first, the weather - i am so sad! i picked all of my peppers and beans early because i was afraid the frost would kill them. i left some tomatoes on the vines because they weren't even close to ripe anyway, but the early frost possibility stinks!

    also, hooray for a new computer! :) we just got a new monitor for our desktop. it's HUGE and i'm obsessed. i haven't even used my laptop at all for the past week.

    and the pink nastiness in the photo above. ew. i read the article and am so disturbed right now.

  2. OK - I HAD to click the link! If ever this expression was appropriate - this is it! GAG ME WITH A SPOON! Yuck!

    And I so agree about the temp's. I mean come on! I don't expect 80 degrees but it is too early for frost warnings. I went from running in summer wear to tech long sleeve with jacket and gloves in 1 day! No comfy runs in short sleeves! I want fall weather!

  3. I like the computer and Dell computers do a good job of staying alive. It is the one non apple tech product we have in the house other than our cameras.