Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welcome to the World

Two of the women in my church small group were due to have baby girls at the end of October, so just to be on the safe side, we planned to have a surprise baby shower last Monday night.  The two other non-soon-to-be-Moms are Pintrest queens, so we had a ton of cute decorations.

Evidently these were actually really had to make.
Ever try to wrestle a balloon?

I actually helped make the diaper cakes- under their direction, of course.  Each cake had 150ish diapers, which is about a week's worth, we hear.

However, the surprise was truly on us because in addition to the two moms, we had a very special (much more sleepy) guest of honor, the newest member of our group, little Ella.  Ella joined us on the outside on September 9, one day before her mom's big (cancelled) baby shower.

She is completely healthy but was a couple weeks early so she's super tiny and pretty skinny- not like the fat babies of my imagination.  I just couldn't get over how fragile she was.  I was afraid to hold her!

These two are next!

I actually liked having the baby at the baby shower.  I almost wish we'd waited and done a second when the second baby is born!


  1. looks like such a fun shower! i love it when babies are at baby showers - totally makes it more fun!

  2. Those decorations are fabulous! I have always been fascinated by diaper cakes! They are just so pretty, I would hate to dismantle them!