Monday, November 12, 2012

All my bags are packed...

Because we're getting to the point where the baby really could arrive at any time, I spent some time this weekend collecting all the items we think we might want at the hospital so we can throw them in a bag and leave ASAP if we need to.

We've got snacks for Daniel in case he can't escape to Subway at meal times.

A couple onesies plus a swaddle sack and some swaddle blankets and a receiving blanket for the baby.

Clothes for me.  All maternity/nursing items.

PJs and slippers.  I know I'm not going to want to be in the hospital gown any longer than I have to.

Reading material in case we're there for awhile plus the iPAD so we can communicate with the outside world.

Breast pump (were were told at baby class to bring this in case there are problems with feeding), storage bags, a nursing cover, and nursing pads.

Toiletries like lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste, some minimal make up, extra contacts and solution, my glasses, etc.

Notably missing is the car seat, but that's really really really really on our list of things to get ASAP.  

Can you think of anything we're missing?  Should I have more blankets in case he needs help being propped up in the car seat on the way home?  Other suggestions?


  1. Ami Neiberger-MillerNovember 12, 2012 at 8:06 AM

    More blankets for the ride home and the car seat is an imperative. Also plenty of little cloths for wiping up spit up. I would do a couple of spare outfits. I know the iPad will take photos and video but you may want another camera - and bring the iPad charger too.

  2. Load a favorite movie or tv show on your iPad. I watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy during active labor, and solving puzzles/questions was a nice distraction between the pushing. Cell phone charger, too. Best wishes to you and Daniel!

  3. I brought my own pillows as well. Hospital pillows aren't so comfortable.