Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Working out in the 3rd trimester

someecards.com - I'm going to the gym so I can tell you I'm going to the gym.

To be honest, I'm using the term "working out" pretty loosely at this point.  My "fitness" routine at 35.5 weeks pregnant looks something like this: walk about 4 mi 3-4x per week, 30 min elliptical + 30 minutes using weight machines 1-2x per week, and yoga 1x per week.  What I do on any particular day has more to do with schedule considerations than anything else (Do I have a doctor's appointment first thing in the morning?  Then I'd better walk at home.  Early morning meeting?  Sometimes getting to the university really early and going to the gym is the most efficient use of time.)  Because I'm not doing anything strenuous at this point, I try to do something physical every day*.

Although I have a huge, HUGE respect for gals who run - at least a little bit - all the way up until they deliver, I'm happy with my decision to stop at 29 weeks.  I know it's going to make getting back in to shape later that much harder, but it was so uncomfortable that I think if I'd tried to continue, I'd have just made myself frustrated and miserable.  I'd also probably have done myself a favor going to the gym and doing the elliptical more to simulate the aerobic benefits of running, but most mornings it's so much easier to be able to just get up and walk from home so that's been my exercise default.  I will say that our new neighborhood is pretty hilly so I suppose I'm getting some benefit from that as well.

someecards.com - I'll start exercising on a regular basis when my body is so out of shape it is impossible for me to exercise on a regular basis.

Working out at the university gym at 8 months pregnant does get you some interesting looks.  The senior fitness class is there in the early morning, and I've had a few of the older ladies ask me when I'm due, but for the most part people steer clear.  The funny thing is that - even though the campus gym is um... maybe "old school" is a good word - I'm actually kind of sad that my workouts there are numbered.  I spent a lot of winter mornings in there running hard and trying not to puke over the past four years.  However, baby care needs + actually having space for the treadmill  where it can be used without disturbing anyone means that having a gym membership really doesn't make sense anymore.  Hopefully I'll have time to clear out my locker and say goodbye before the baby is born, but if not, I've got some locker clean out back up so all my stuff doesn't get thrown away.  Who knows how much of my third trimester I have left to exercise?!  

*Although it's getting to the point where regular activities of daily life like carrying laundry up the stairs, sweeping out the garage, and standing at work can feel strenuous.

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