Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend summary

1. So there was this football game on Saturday afternoon...

I know this is a sore spot for some of my readers (and others are confused but vaguely recalling me saying something about Florida once...), but I couldn't let it go unmentioned.

2. Saturday evening we had a fantastic dinner at Nostrano.  The actual entree was very good, but I give most of my points for the desert, which I have no trouble making room for in my top 5 favorite deserts of all time.  It was called a crepeze, and it kind of reminded me of baklava in a way.  Here's a picture from the internets (not what we actually at at the restaurant):

It had a cinnamon/sugar/honey/caramelized flavor and was served with pears and marscapone sorbet.  Not bad for a last meal  nice dinner out as a childless couple.

3. I think we settled on a name for the baby.  Before we didn't tell anyone a name because we really had no idea what we wanted to call him.  Now we know and are not telling because it's fun to be secretive and smug :).

4. Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who is also expecting a little boy (her second kiddo) this spring.

That picture was taken just a few weeks ago at my baby shower, and I can't believe how much I feel like I've... expanded... since then.

5. We've also been busy with a lot of "around the house" projects this weekend.  Daniel put together a new bookcase for the living room and took down these annoying swinging doors that led from the hallway into the kitchen and always caught on anything you were trying to carry through there.  I repopulated the new bookshelf and did some sorting and archiving in the baby's room as well as the normal house cleaning.  I guess this is what they mean by the nesting instinct...


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