Friday, November 9, 2012

34 weeks

And going strong.

The fruit/vegetable of the week is the butternut squash.

This week his testicles started to descend (I'm sure you wanted to know that...), his fingernails have reached the ends of his little fingers, and he can recognize songs and things that he hears within the womb*.  34 weeks is a big milestone because most babies who are born even this early have few complications and are usually able to go home with only a short stay in the hospital.  The baby is, of course, welcome to stay as long as he likes**, but it's comforting to know that he'd probably be fine on the outside.

Nothing new is going on with me.  I've got the same old heartburn but fortunately no other complaints to report.  The standing desk set up is working out really well.  Being able to stand an hour and sit an hour has allowed me to not feel so squashed in the torso but also not have tired feet or an aching back.

This should be a fun weekend because a friend made a surprise visit to Madison, and Daniel and I are going to a Sacred Harp singing tomorrow morning.  Otherwise we'll just do normal errands and chores and maybe some shopping for a few post-partum-type items (nursing bras and tanks, etc.) to stick in the hospital bag.  I feel like I constantly have to remind myself how fast the time is going to go!  

*I always feel like statements like this are kind of voodoo.  How can scientists possibly know this is true?
** Or until Dec 31.  We need that tax deduction!  :)

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