Tuesday, August 23, 2011


In Pushing Daisies terms, I'm 29 years and 3 minutes old right now, and all of you - near and far - are invited to my birthday party.

We'll begin with cherry chocolate chip zucchini bread, inspired - appropriately enough- by Brownies and Zucchini.  I actually mashed up the dry goods/ flavoring portion of this recipe for chocolate chip muffins with the liquid portion of this recipe for lemon zucchini muffins from my King Arthur Flour baking book.  And threw in some dried cherries for fun.  My guinea pigs women's Bible study group tried it out last night and seemed to like it.  The texture was very soft, and the cherries were a nice addition to the otherwise CHOCOLATE taste.  I saved a piece for Daniel to try, but the rest is going into work, where I'm guessing it will be devoured by 10am.

Other than performing a little quality assurance on the chocolate bread last night, I'm saving my birthday junk food binge for this afternoon.  Second up on our birthday itinerary is a late afternoon trip to the Babcock Ice Cream Store where I plan to put their $2 sundae with unlimited toppings birthday deal to the test.

I don't have much planned otherwise.  I'm headed to the gym this morning and then to a busy day at work.  Daniel gave me his birthday gift last night- a fun notepad for grocery/Target lists.

And that's it until next year when I get to turn 29 again!

someecards.com - Happy Anniversary of Your 29th Birthday.


  1. I remember it well. Happy Birthday, Chel.

    You are loved

  2. Hey happy belated birthday - I missed your post yesterday.
    But heck, now you are 1 day older!

    The PACKED, LOADED sundae looked wonderful - I bet you ENJOYED it!