Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh, death

Blogging has been limited because our computer is, in fact, dead.  The graphics card gave up the ghost, and because it's part of the motherboard on our laptop, it would have been 2/3 as expensive as a new computer to replace it.  We were able to get all out files extracted to an external hard drive (lesson learned) but are currently limited to using our old back up computer (and thankful that we have it).  We think we've settled on a new computer- it's 180 degrees different than we thought we were going to buy when we started looking- and hopefully we can order it today and get it in next week.  We're going through the campus IT store to get an educational discount, but it means we have to wait for it to be delivered because they don't keep this model in stock.

We spent a beautiful Saturday (sorry, people on the East Coast) at the Orton Park music festival on the East Side.  One of the performers, a folk musician named Tim Eriksen who did a lot of work on the music for the movie Cold Mountain, led a shape note singing in the morning that we attended, and we stayed for his set and two other bands in the afternoon.

Tim Eriksen:  Plays the banjo.  Looks like a pirate.  Big in Serbia.
In the evening we went to an enchilada dinner to support Team in Training.  Unfortunately for them it wasn't well attended (although they did raise $1400), but fortunately for us that meant we went home with two door prizes- a $10 gift card to Starbucks and a $15 gift card to the Essen Haus- so we actually recouped the cost of dinner.

Sunday was chill.  I read a huge chunk of The Girl Who Played with Fire and think I saw a bat on the side of the grocery store???

This is a hugely busy week at work because we have a grant that has to be ready to go out on Friday.  But then we get to relax with a 3-day weekend.  Yay!  We have no plans thus far.

Locals, what should we do on the last official weekend of summer?  Is everything going to be totally packed?

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