Sunday, August 21, 2011

Madison Mini Marathon Race Report

Do I get to write a race report for a race I didn't run?  Sure, why not?

My plan was to get up early, run, scarf some breakfast, and bike out to mile 11.5 of the Madison Mini Marathon to cheer on a few friends as they passed by.  I did get in a run and breakfast, but a nasty electrical storm spoiled part 3 of my plan as well as delayed the start of the race by an hour and a half.  This set into motion a dangerous chain of events beginning with me going grocery shopping at Trader Joe's unsupervised and ended with a kitchen full of impulse buys like this

and this.

In my defense, we at that butternut squash "triangolini" last night, and it was pretty tasty.

Back to the race.

I'll have to read race reports to know for sure what happened, but as far as I can tell, the race started in a total downpour.  However, the rain stopped and the sun came out around 9am.  I got to mile 11.5 a little bit after 10, which was too late to see one friend, but I caught everyone else I came to see.

Jamie, aka Running Diva Mom, was first, and I wouldn't have seen her if she hadn't yelled at me.  This was a recurring theme of the morning.  Spectating is harder than you'd think.

Next was Linda, who was trucking along, looking strong.  I didn't get her picture because I must have some kind of psychological disorder where I am unable to recognize anyone I'm actively looking for.

Just a little bit later came Kerri and Dan.  Kerri had a pretty big PR in this race - way to go, Special K.

Spectating was actually pretty fun.  At first I just stood there and stared at the runners coming by like I was simple minded, but once I got going, I was yelling at the runners like I was simple minded.  I did get a few smiles from, "1.5 miles 'till dry socks!" but maybe they were just humoring me.  I did not try to tell anyone they were "almost there".  I know that at the end of a 1/2 marathon 1.5 miles feels like 1.5 lightyears, not almost there.  I also didn't use the "Hurry up, an 8-year-old is beating you." side of my sign.  A lot of those people looked like they'd been through the washing machine, and I didn't want to lower anyone's morale.  There was a tiny piece of me that wishes I'd run this race, but the sane 99.9% that hates being wet was happy I was in the snack aisle of Trader Joe's while these bad*sses were toughing it out.

Congrats on a great run, all.  Can't wait to read those race reports.  

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