Thursday, August 25, 2011


Our computer may have died last night????  It was working fine yesterday morning, but we came home after picking up our CSA box to find it unresponsive.  When Daniel tried to turn it on NOTHING happened.

We want to see if the hard drive is salvageable because it has um... all of our pictures on it.  And it's only like 3.5 years old.  Planned obsolescence much?  Anyone in Madison have a recommendation for a computer repair shop?  

I know Daniel wouldn't be totally sad to have to buy a shiny new laptop like the one he's been using at Google this summer...  I'm not exactly sure how I feel about a Mac.  I know everyone loves them, but I haven't used one since middle school, and I'm not a rocket surgeon when it comes to computers.  I'm kind of intimidated by making the switch.  I guess we'll also be investing in an external hard drive for backing up files (whether we get a new computer or not).

So futuristic.


  1. Chelsea - you will love a Mac. We switched over in 2006 and now are totally a Mac house and use PC's at work. Once we gave up trying to convert the Apple "office" software and now just use MS Office for the Mac - all is well. One time, Todd had a presentation at a conference - he worked on the slides at home using "Keynote" - Apples Powerpoint equivalant - he got to the presentation and had problems with the software version. Someone had a Mac with both Keynote and Powerpoint installed and he got it converted in the nick of time.
    I love my Macbook!

  2. I feel like I was in the stone ages before, I bought my first laptop earlier this year after using an ancient desktop for about the last five years and I only just got my first smartphone (I was also pretty resistant to digital cameras back in the day! What was I thinking?). That being said... I'm not really into macs. Aren't they more expensive?

  3. once you go mac you never go back :) do it!!