Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The best thing about working out in the campus gym when you are 5.5 months pregnant

is that you will definitely not get hit on by any of the freshman guys.  

The beginning of the academic year always brings about the following awkward conversation starter/ attempt at politeness at least once:

18-year old guy at gym: Hey, are you using that? (Points to weights/machine half way across the room).
Me: Ummm... no.  I'm using this. (Points to machine/weights I'm actually using).
18-year old guy at gym: Okay.  Cool.  (Walks off and may or may not use weights/machine he just asked me about).

I would shrug it off if it only happened once or twice EVER, but I swear I have this "conversation" at least a couple times at the beginning of every semester, and there's never even the most remote possibility I was using the piece of equipment in question.  There must be an article from Maxim that gets handed to every guy when he registers for the Selective Service that tells him the sure fire way to pick up a girl at the gym is to ask if she's using some piece of equipment that she is obviously not using.  It boggles the mind.

Even though some things change (no lame pick up lines this year, yay!), the more they stay the same.  The beginning of the academic year gym crowd was there in all its glory this morning.  There was:

  • Guy who looks like a buff version of the villain from Despicable Me (he's ALWAYS there):
  • Skinny Korean dude who spent the entire 1/2 hour I was there bench pressing the 45lb bar.
  • Skinny white guy who didn't seem to lift any weights but kept lifting up his shirt to "admire" his "abs" in the mirror.
  • Two guys who were pretty muscular but will probably be fat by the end of the semester by the way they were talking about how much they drank over the weekend.
  • Three grad students who were just minding their own business.
  • Two girls who had no idea what they were doing.
  • One guy who stood directly in front of the free weight rack doing an exercise I could only describe as "flightless bird desperately trying to lift off and escape from a lion".  
And a partridge in a pear tree...

It's never boring.

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  1. Haha, great post! Good observations about the different types of people at the gym! Lol...I went to the campus gym while obviously pregnant as well and it definitely gets you some stares, but not in the "hey, let me hit on that girl" stares! It's an interesting experience! Hope you're feeling good!