Friday, October 26, 2012

32 weeks

Honestly there's not much new to say about me.  I'm starting to get curious and excited about "meeting" the baby.  I want to see this little person I've been carrying around for the last 7 months.  What still feels crazy and a bit overwhelming is that he could come anytime between 5 weeks (or really even 3 weeks wouldn't be crazy) from now when I'm full-term or 9 weeks from now when they induce me at 41 weeks.  When I think about having 8 or 9 weeks to go, actually being prepared for the baby seems manageable  but 3  - 5 weeks from now... yikes.  Must buy car seat NEXT WEEK.

The baby is about the size of a squash, which seems seasonally appropriate.

The ultrasound estimated his weight at 3.25 lbs (I typed 3.5 lbs yesterday, but that's incorrect), which is right on target.  The next weeks are all about plumping up and putting the finishing touches on all the reflexes and functions he needs to live on the outside.  I got to watch him take some practice breaths during the ultrasound yesterday, which was cool, but made it hard for the technician to get good measurements on him.

The only thing that still concerns me a bit is that he's still upside down or right side up depending on your perspective - thought everything I've read and the PA I saw today confirmed - that he still has plenty of time to turn.  If he doesn't turn by 37 weeks, then the options are to try to turn him or to do a C-section.  I'm leaning toward the "try to turn him" option if it comes to it.  The PA said that to do that, they'd bring me into the hospital and hook the baby up to a fetal monitor just in case he had any distress, and then try to push him around from the outside until he aims head down.  She said she had that done with one of her pregnancies, and, while it wasn't comfortable, it wasn't too painful either.    

That's about it... if you didn't see it, yesterday I did a post about my sonogram and included a couple pictures of the babe.


  1. You and the babe are looking good! I mentioned your yesterday's post to my nurse friend, and she said the same thing: "plenty of time for him to turn." MM

  2. Glad it's still a boy - otherwise I'd have some returning to do. Maybe you should start poking him every so often to help him turn where he needs to be. Or maybe that would just make him kick you more, which might not be the most favorable outcome.