Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Three Things Tuesday

1. The fridge man came out and looked at our fridge today.  He moved some things around and spun the temperature controls in the back and pronounced it "stuck on".  Evidently the compressor is still blowing cold air in the fridge even when the control appears to be turned off.  The anti-gravity turnips agree.

Since the fridge is old enough to be my brother's older sibling, the part has to be ordered (from eBay?  Kazakhstan?) so it will take a few days before the repair is complete and we can store raw veggies and milk again, but I'm happy it's getting fixed.  And I'm happy that the part that's broken doesn't involve pulling the fridge away from the wall.  There's probably some scary stuff back/down there.

2. I bought a package of heavy duty page protectors from Amazon a couple days ago (sorry, environment, but free shipping means one less errand to run), but instead of a pack of 200, they sent a pack of 50.  50 is probably more in line with what my actual page-protecting needs are, but I didn't want to pay for something I didn't get.  The only problem is that, like a fool, I opened the package just to make sure that the 50 on the front really did mean 50 and not 200.  It meant 50.  So I violated the return policy and was afraid I couldn't send it back.

Anyway, it took me FOREVER to find a link (this should get you there) to contact the customer service center, but once I did, I was really impressed.  I chatted with a nice young man who probably wished he was asleep rather than sitting in a call center at 3am in Bangalore who issued me a refund and sent me a return mailing label even though the pack was opened.  Two thumbs up, Amazon.

3. Do you want to know why your last hospital stay was so expensive?  This is why:

Because the UW health system was ranked the #1 hospital in Wisconsin, all hospital and med school employees got a free gift (we were expecting coffee mugs) that turned out to be a fancy backpack.  It has 27 different zippered compartments, at least 3 of which I've identified as laptop/iPad sleeves.

There are all kinds of crazy pockets and compartments.

And this thing... I don't even know what this is, but you can bet someone paid $50 for a Band-aid so I could have it.

The only part that I understand how to use (the part where you stick pens and... baseball cards???  Actually I'm not sure what that thing on the right is for...) is labeled.  This backpack is not for the pen-using class.

While I obviously drank the backpack Kool-Aid with the rest of the masses, with healthcare costs as crazyinsane as they are, I'm not sure this was the best use of UW hospital resources.  No word on how much $$$$$ this ranking will bring in for UW hospital or how little the Chinese peasants who made these things were paid.  Life is easier when you just enjoy your backpack in lieu of raise and don't ask too many questions.  And just as long as they keep taco bar Tuesday and Diet Sprites in the cafeteria, I probably will.


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