Monday, October 29, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

My parents were in town visiting this weekend, and they had such a good time, they've decided to stay indefinitely*.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Wisconsin vs. Michigan St. game.  We parked on the west side of campus and walked through Union South and down Regent St. to say happy birthday to a friend who was out tailgating and see all the revelry.  A fair number of people were dressed in Halloween costumes, although   I didn't see any binders of women, Lance Armstrongs on steroids or chubby Gangnam-stype Korean guys.

We had great seats to the game - 10th row in the south end zone in the medical alumni association block.  

The one funny thing was that this year we had guy who sat behind us who seemed to be deeply offended on a personal level by the opposing team - especially their mascot.  I can only imagine how he yells when he's at work.  "You s*ck, atherosclerosis!  You wear a skirt!".  We stayed until we thought we were going to turn in to popsicles (the start of the 4th quarter) and then headed back home.  Unfortunately we missed the most exciting part of the game.  Fortunately it was the part where the Badgers lost.

Sunday we went out to Devil's Lake, a state park northwest of town.  Even though all the leaves had fallen from the trees, it was still really pretty to hike around the lake, and it was peaceful because there weren't many people around.  No pictures from there (yet) because they're on my dad's camera.  You can actually hike along the bluffs around the lake, but considering how poor my balance and coordination are right now we decided it was not a great idea and stuck to the flat trails near the water.

On the way home we took the Merrimac Ferry across the Wisconsin River.  It was the first time any(?) of us had been on a car ferry before.  

It was actually quite unnerving to get out of the car while the ferry was moving because it still looked like the car was moving, even though you knew it wasn't.

I think a good time was had by all.  It's kind of crazy that the next time we have visitors, we'll be parents!

*Their original flight was through Baltimore this morning, but it sounds like they were able to rebook and get a flight out through Atlanta tomorrow.  Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the storm.

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