Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Subconscious Mind

What I've lacked in the ability to sleep - or at least stay asleep - while I've been pregnant, I've more than made up for in crazy (usually scary) dreams.  Although there's no scientific consensus on why we dream - some theories are that dreams allow us to act on unconscious desires, they are the result of different areas of our brains activating while we are asleep, they help us process events from our day or sensations we experience while we are asleep -  mine tend to fall into two categories: 1. totally crazy and kind of fun and 2. fairly realistic and scary.  Lately realistic and scary has won out over "Well, I could fly... and then there was this unicorn, and but it didn't really look like unicorn, I just knew it was" kind.

They've ranged from the mundane but still stress-inducing:

  • I went to a meeting on the wrong night
  • My parents were in crisis but I couldn't do anything about it because I was too far away
To the weird:
  • I was in the UW marching band and my boss was the band director and I had NO IDEA what I was supposed to be doing
To the truly frightening:
  • Going to downstairs to the garage to find out that someone had broken in the apartment and set our car on fire during the middle of the night (somehow we didn't notice this while it was actually going on)  and being unable to lock the door from the garage to the apartment, knowing that whoever torched the car was planning to come back the next night to murder us.
Although my dream last night was short, it was disturbing enough that it has all previous zany/scary dreams in the last 6 months beat:
  • The baby was moving around a lot, and I looked down at my stomach to watch all the little twitches and kicks.  At one point, he pushed up against me hard enough that I could see a clear outline of his foot and instead of a cute baby foot, it looked like a duck's foot.  Suddenly, the skin on my abdomen because translucent (like a fish bowl), and I could see the baby swimming around inside me, and HE HAD WEBBED FEET AND HANDS  like a tiny Gollum.  Dream over.  
As scary as it was in the moment, fortunately it wasn't one of those dreams you spend 5 minutes after waking trying to figure out if it was real or not.  We have concrete proof that the baby is in fact human with normal human hands and feet:

I don't put any stock in dream interpretation, but I wouldn't even know where to start if I were going to try to look up the meaning of that one...

Had any funny/strange/scary dreams lately?


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