Thursday, October 25, 2012

Baby pictures

I had a second ultrasound this afternoon, and, although the baby was being shy and spent the entire 30 minutes trying to hide behind my spinal column, we did get a couple good pictures.

Here's his little arms:

I think he has a future as a boxer.  The entire time he wasn't punching me, he was covering his face.

This is the only profile shot she was able to get.  You can see his fists up there in front of his face.

Although it was hard for me to tell what we were looking at, the woman doing the ultrasound said that he had  a full head of hair.  I guess that thing about heartburn = hair is true, at least in this case.

He's about 3.5lbs now and is in a jackknife position with his head and feet still pointing up.  I'll get more info at my regular OB appointment tomorrow, but the woman doing the ultrasound said that there's still plenty of time and room for him to turn head down.  Otherwise everything is a-ok.  I did ask her to check and make sure he was still a boy... he is :).


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