Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baby Scott's Birth Story - Part 2

Daniel came in with the camera before the surgery started.  I could hear the doctors and nurses talking and feel some pulling around my rib cage but nothing that could be described as painful or really even uncomfortable.  Although it's a complication for a lot of women, I never felt nauseous.

Scott came out very fast - about 9 minutes into the surgery - and we got a glimpse of him (he was very blue) before he was whisked off to be examined by the perinatologist.  After an initial check, Daniel was allowed to go out to see the baby, cut the cord (again), and take pictures.

The very first pictures of Baby Scott.

Because he'd spent the last 9 months with his feet in front of his face, he was somewhat reluctant to change the situation once he was on the outside.

Yoga baby:

I'm planning to have this one blown up to hang on the wall for his senior prom night.

After he was cleaned up and given the OK by the perinatologist, they wrapped him up and brought him over to me to hold while the surgical team finished putting me back together.  It was really cold in the delivery room, so he needed to be bundled up, but I remember wishing that I could have seen more of him in those early moments.

One thing I love about those pictures is how his little hand is sticking out.  Scott loves to have his hands up by his face, and no swaddle can contain them.

Here he is after he'd been cleaned up but without all the blankets.  It's one of the first pictures where I think he really looks like himself rather than "crying baby" or "set of eyes with a hand".

Here he is having his footprints taken:

After the surgery was complete, we were off to the recovery room.

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