Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas gifts for the mad scientist in your life

Two words: university surplus.

Know someone with a corpse they'd like to re-animate?  Give the gift of an AED training defibrillator.

Have a friend with a mind-controlling satellite they just haven't been able to get into orbit?  How about this theolodite survey scope?

For the relative who is always talking about building a new evil lair here's a nice transit scope to survey rocky islands in the South Pacific,

and a bus shelter so no one will ever suspect anything is there...

For the hobbyist who is always out in the garage tinkering with his giant robot, there's a Powermatic drill press

this thing that's just described as a "cutter"

and a "folder with right angle attachment".

If you ever wondered where the James Bond villains got all their cool stuff, now you know.

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