Monday, December 31, 2012

The third week

Or, more precisely, 2 weeks, 6.5 days:

In case I seem totally obsessive, I doubt these weekly updates will happen once I go back to work, but for now they are kind of fun (at least for me).  It feels like he's going to grow up so quickly over this year (I can't believe my baby is 3-weeks old!  Where does the time go?) and that each week things really do change.  I don't have any new stats to report because Scott wont go back for another physical until he's 2 months old.  He's been eating like a champ, though, and I'm guessing we'll cross the 7 lb mark soon.

The major event of the week is that the last bit of his umbilical cord fell off to reveal a cute little belly button:

No, I did not save it.  It was pretty gross.  Also, not having it around makes diaper changing much easier.

Scott is also starting to wake up more now and have some alert periods after he eats and we've been trying to take advantage of those for singing with Daddy, tummy time, and reading stories*.  It feels like he's eating a ton lately, but fortunately we're becoming a better team, and he rarely still earns the nickname from his first two weeks of life: Chomps.

Sleep is getting better, but it's still hard to lay down knowing that we'll be up again in just a few hours.  Daddy changes Scott when he wakes up and then Mommy feeds him.  If we're lucky, we only have one iteration of each and we can go back to sleep within about a 1/2 hour.  If we're unlucky and there are multiple poops or the fire hose shows up or if Scott decides he's dining at a fancy European restaurant with multiple courses that require short naps in between, then it takes considerably longer.  Usually we get up with him 2-3 times at night depending on how early we go to bed.        

I'm both looking forward to seeing his personality develop as he gets older and trying to soak up every second of his "tiny baby-ness".  Speaking of which, I think I hear the dinner bell ringing.  Hope you're having fun on New Year's Eve.  I will probably be up at midnight...

*Well, I'm reading him a book I got for Christmas about Machu Picchu.  So far he doesn't seem to care that much about subject matter.

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