Monday, December 24, 2012

The second week

This outfit makes him look like he escaped from Elf Prison
and was sentenced to do hard labor on the Candy Cane Highway.

Scott had his 2-week check up this morning and weighed in at an impressive 6lbs 6.4oz (up from 5lbs 12oz last week).  Otherwise he had a clean bill of health and won't go back to the doctor until he's 2 months old (the first shot appointment - eek).  He's started to pick up his head a tiny bit when we put him on his tummy and occasionally makes an involuntary smiling face, which melts your heart until you realize he's probably just peeing (but who among us doesn't enjoy a good pee?).   

Nana and Papa have been visiting for Christmas so he's had lots of cuddles and attention over the last few days.  We went to "Christmas Eve" service yesterday and took some pictures before we left.  Baby Scott is modeling a sweater and booties made by my coworker and an adorable pair of baby jeans that are absolutely huge on him.   

We still have no sense of routine, although we're trying to push feeding him during the day so we get longer intervals to sleep at night.  Usually we're up two or three times, but there was one night last week with only a single wake up.  He's spoiling us by eating and sleeping like a champ, and I fear what we will get if and when we have a second baby.  Those 3am wake-up calls - and perhaps worse - anticipating those 3am wake-up calls is tiring, but seeing his cute little face makes it all worthwhile.  

Merry Christmas Eve!


  1. You guys look great! I hope to come see you soon after we get home from our trip!

  2. Nana and Papa like it better when you call them Meemaw and Peepaw :-P