Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baby Scott's Birth Story - Part 3

 We stayed in the recovery room for a few hours.  I got cleaned up and Scott got his first crack at nursing while Daniel called our parents to tell them the big news.

Note: my body temperature dropped during the surgery - that's why there's a blanket on my head.

Once it was confirmed that everybody was doing well, we were wheeled up to the hospital room where we would stay for the next few days.  The process of getting transferred from one unit to another seemed like it took forever.  I was exhausted and it seemed like we were given a million instructions about what would happen over the course of the next hours and days - how to log feedings and dirty diapers, how pain medication was administered, when I could start to get up and walk and shower, how often our vital signs would be measured (often!).

These are two more of my favorite pictures.  I'm exhausted by happy.  Scott can't believe he's been handed over to two completely incompetent new parents.

I won't say much more about the hospital stay.  The nurses were absolutely wonderful, and took excellent care of us.  Daniel was a trooper.  The first 36 hours were hard (physically) but after that I feel like I turned the corner and by Wednesday I was ready to go home.

Here's some other random pictures from the rest of our time in the hospital.

Baby Scott's first bath (hated it):  

One of my favorites:

The three of us:

Thanks to the nurse who showed us this magic soothing trick:

Our "celebration dinner" prepared by the hospital cafeteria:

Awake and alert:

On the way home:

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