Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January resolution recap / February goal

Remember New Years?  I only vaguely do, and I was off the Vicodin at that point.  Maybe it was the sleep deprivation.  When I wrote my January resolution post, we were still doing 11 pm feedings.  That was rough.  To recap, this year I'd decided that, rather than making and summarily forgetting a whole list of resolutions, I was going to make and forget a separate resolution each moth, all falling under the theme of finding balance between work and life with motherhood added to the mix.

January's resolution was to get back into working out in a way that I could maintain after I went back to work.  Although there were some days when - due to late nights or trouble sleeping or general laziness - I had an epic fail, overall I'd say this was a success.  For the past few weeks, I've consistently been getting up after Scott's early am feeding, working out, and getting showered and fed in a reasonable amount of time in the morning.  Last week we had some help, but Monday I got in a decent workout (40 min run) and Daniel and I managed to get Scott ready and to his first day of daycare and then to work on time.  No, I'm not going to be training for a marathon anytime soon, but I'm definitely getting back into shape.  We'll see how it goes the rest of the year as he gets older and needs more attention in the morning.

My resolution for February is something totally different.  I used to have a good habit of a daily Bible reading and devotional time first thing in the morning, but that slowly faded over the last year for various reasons and totally ended when Scott was born.  This month's goal is to get back into that habit.  Both our sermon series at church and our discussions in our small group have been about developing spiritual disciplines and the steps we can take to work toward deepening our faith, so it's a timely goal and one where I have a lot of outside support.

Now that our morning schedule is more or less regular, my plan is to do my reading/devotional time first thing in the morning while I'm pumping.  Yeah... that seems a little weird, but it's 20 minutes of dedicated time that I can't really do anything else, and I might as well use it for something constructive.  And so far it's been going well.  Last week I started a devotional guide that was handed out at church that goes along with the sermon series we are doing on the book of Hebrews, and this week, because I realized too late that we were supposed to start the devotional this week, I've been using the time to read The Life You've Always Wanted, a book on spiritual disciplines that we are going to be discussing during our life group meetings this spring.

If you made resolutions, how are they going?  If you have a regular prayer/meditation practice, when/how do you find the time to nurture that habit?

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