Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let's talk about poop

Actually, let's not.  As a new parent, there's a temptation to regale people with stories of the late nights, endless nursing sessions and epic poops - because let's face it, poop stories are usually pretty funny - but leave out all the sweet and wonderful things about sharing your life with a new baby.  Yeah, having a baby changes everything about your life, but some things are so so so much for the better.  Here are my top 5 things (so far) about being a mom.

1. Middle of the night feedings - It seems strange to say it, but I actually like waking up to feed Scott in the middle of the night.  I love the intimacy of wrapping my body around his while he nurses and I doze, and although I try to get him back into bed after he's done, I love drifting off to sleep with him in the crook of my arm and waking up to find him there, peacefully asleep, a few hours later.  Nursing during the day can sometimes seem frustrating or hurried (he always seems to need to eat right when I'm hungry, need to go to the bathroom, want to put the laundry in the dryer, etc.) but at night with no distractions it's peaceful and relaxing. 

2. Watching Daniel be a parent - It'll probably embarrass him to read it, but I love to watch Daniel talk to, sing to, read to, and take care of Scott.  It's a completely different and new way to think of your spouse, and it makes me happy to see two people who I love so deeply love each other (well, Scott will one day).

3. Comedic timing - Okay so this one is about poop, but Scott's got a way of letting one rip at just the right serious or sweet moment.  And they are so loud!  How does such a little creature have so much to expel from his body?  

4. Watching Scott learn and explore the world - He's still pretty much a potted plant (people always laugh when I say that - laugh, people!), but he's starting to magically turn into a mini person.  He responds to sounds now and will watch Daniel and I if we walk in his line of sight or turn toward our voices.  He's starting to "play" with toys that we put in the way of his flailing arms and legs and the smiles... oh, the smiles.

Yes, crazy woman with the camera, I do see you.
5. Thinking about the future - The fun thing about little kids is that every new phase is fun and exciting (until puberty when it all goes downhill).  I look forward to all the new things that will happen for him - from sitting up and walking to having his first taste of ice cream (it's great, Scott).

What are your favorite moments being a parent?  Or people without kids, what are your fondest memories when you were growing up?

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