Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The indispensable

7 things that have made life much easier as a new mom:

  • Baby carriers.  So far I've mostly used the Ergo.  I love being able to cuddle up to Scott and also have my arms free to do stuff (like write blog posts).  As far as I can tell, he likes it, too.  He almost always falls right to sleep when I carry him in it.  

          I've also tried using the Moby wrap a couple times, but the learning curve is a bit steeper.  I think I will        like it a lot once I've gotten better at using it because, unlike the Ergo, you can just take the baby in and out of it and leave it on, and because you can nurse with the baby in it (if you can do it right).

  • My glider/nursing pillow/side table set up.  Water?  Check.  Kleenex?  Check.  Book for reading aloud?  Check.  (You're never too young for a good British mystery).  Blanket?  Check.  Let the feeding frenzy begin.  

  • Hand sanitizer.  In the bathrooms so we don't have to run cold water on our hands at night and in the P&P and on Scott's changing table.
  • The bouncy seat.  He seems to really like that thing, and fighting the hippo and lion gives him something to focus on and gives him so me exercise for his arms.  Or just take a snooze.  Whichever.

  • Sleep sacks.  Scott could break a swaddle by the time he was 10 minutes old.  He was not interested in having his hands away from his mouth.  These have worked very well for us because they give him the warmth of a blanket without the associated risks and don't restrain his arms.

  • Baby swing.  We borrowed this from friends and are still using it as a bassinet at night.  Scott spits up enough that I like the idea that his head is elevated at night, and as a bonus, it can be turned on to sooth him when he's cranky but I need to do something crazy like take a shower or dry my hair.

As a bonus, I wish I had:

  • An extra arm for baby jiggling while I'm doing my make up, drying my hair or eating my dinner.
  • Baby foot glue to keep tiny socks on tiny feet.

Edited to add - After I wrote this post, I found out that these exist:

And they work.

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