Friday, February 8, 2013

Running, running, run running, running

It's only been my first week as a (part time) working mom, but I've already had a major change in my thinking about working out.  Before pregnancy, baby, etc., I didn't feel like a workout "counted" unless I put in an entire hour - bonus points if I did more.  Now I'd 100 times prefer to do a quick (30 - 40 min) but hard   workout so I can go on with my day.

I went to the gym to do strength training twice this week during my lunch break, but I felt like that was even too much.  Not too much physically but too much in an "When I'm at work I want to focus on work so when I'm at home I can focus on home/Scott stuff" way.  I do think that strength training makes a huge difference in my running and helps keep me from being injured, but I also think that I can get that from one day in the gym (to do exercises like lat pull-downs, chest press and heavier squats that I really can't do at home) and one day doing Shred (or P90X or the like) at home.

I just want to do what I need to be in shape enough to enjoy running and doing some shorter races - no filler - nothing more.

Workout brain dump:
Sa- 5mi 10:30/mile
Su - Shred level 3
M - 4mi - 2mi at 10:30/mile, 2mi at 9:30/mile + weights
T - 3mi walk
W - 4mi at 9:30/mile + weights
R - 3mi at 10:30/mile
F - 3mi walk    

I haven't registered for it yet, but I'm ready to say that the Shamrock Shuffle 10k will be my first race back post-partum.  I've been doing a little race browsing - stay tuned for next week for my 2013 race calendar.

And now for something completely different (and cute)... dinosaur booties:


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