Friday, February 1, 2013

Get pumped

Edited to add: I'm never going back outside ever again. It's way too cold.  Right now the temperature is -5, -21 with the windchill. I just walked to my building from the parking lot (about 1/4 mile away), and I could have cried if it wouldn't have meant my eyes freezing shut.  

Actually the only "pumped" I'm getting is mechanized, and I'm probably burning more calories with that thing than with all exercise I'm doing put together.  If I think about it, so far (as of Thursday late afternoon) I've pumped about 20oz plus done one feeding - at 20 cals per oz that's 400 calories worth of baby food I've produced today and I still have two more feedings to go.  That's actually kind of amazing but probably TMI for most of you.  Too late.

Anyway... not much to say about working out this week.  I strung together 3 mi at my old easy running pace on my "speed: day, and it actually wasn't too hard.

Sa - 4.5 mi "long" run
Su - 2 mi walk + Shred level 3
M - 3 mi at 9:30/mile pace
T - 3 mi walk
W - 4 mi at 10:45/mile pace
R - 3 mi walk
F - 3 mi walk

No Shred during the week because Nana (Daniel's mom) is staying with us, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to wake up to a Jillian Michaels yelling/ Chelsea doing wimpy push-ups on her knees alarm clock.  I need to get back on the strength training train next week.

Despite some frozen indiscretions

Yes, you.
my average weight was down to 131.9 (from 132.4 last week) and I actually hit 130.0 on the nose this morning.  Yay for that, I suppose.  

And that, as they say, is that.  Time to go out and face another COLD day!

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