Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scrub a dub

While living during the Edwardian era did have some drawbacks - rigid social hierarchies, the risk of dying from... well... everything - it was pretty awesome if you had a lot of money because you could pay people to do everything for you.  Heck, rich people weren't even expect to get dressed on their own.

Oh yes they did.
Unfortunately that's not accessible to most of us today, and if we want the chamber pots emptied, we have to do it ourselves.  However, it's frustrating to feel like you spend a huge chunk of your free time studying to take over for Joanne Froggatt when she decides to leave Downton Abbey and they kill off Anna next season.  Downton Abbey and the Mystery of the Missing Cast Members...

Anyway, after spending a particularly annoying Sunday afternoon feeling like I had a mountain of cleaning to do when all I wanted was lay around and cuddle Scott and maybe do a little blogging ;), I decided to come up with a chore schedule so I could get a little done each day rather than putting my dust blinders on during the week and going on a weekend-long bender with my pal Mr. Scrubby Bubbles.

Unload and re-load dishwasher

Su - Meal prep, Target
M - Vacuum and dust downstairs
T - Clean kitchen and downstairs bathroom, grocery shop, wash towels
W - Vacuum and dust upstairs
R - Clean upstairs bathrooms, wash sheets, take out trash
F - Vacuum and dust downstairs
Sa - Clean up laundry room and garage

I'm just starting this week so I can't tell you if its working yet, but I'll give you an update.  I saved the bigger, more time consuming chores for days when I'm home and the smaller, easier ones for evenings after work.  Thursday and Friday will swap once I'm working on Thursdays instead of Fridays.

So what's your housecleaning strategy?  A little each day?  Do it all at once?  Feel like your time is worth the cost of hiring someone to clean for you (I would totally do this if we could swing it - maybe if I ever get a sweet blog patron or a book deal)?  Have a character you'd like to see die off on the next season of Downton Abbey? 

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