Sunday, November 6, 2011

Are you read for some football?

The Badgers were.  Hopefully the 62-17 victory over Purdue will be a salve over the gaping wounds that were the late game losses to Michigan State and Ohio State.  Mercifully, after coming off 4 straight losses, Florida finally won a game (against Vanderbilt), although my parents assured me they didn't deserve to.  I missed both as I was occupied at the time.     

We did, however, go over to a friend's house to watch the Alabama - LSU game.  Her family is from Alabama, and last night witnessed the one and only time I will EVER root for the Crimson Tide (whatever that is).  She lured me there with pizza and ice cream sundaes, I swear it!  It was an exciting game, and the two teams were evenly matched except that the Alabama kicker was terrible and basically lost the game for them in overtime.  Fortuna is fickle when it comes to college football.

Now we've received the mixed blessing that is the end of daylight savings time.  This is the first morning it's been light out when I woke up in a very long time.  Unfortunately it also means we'll be plunged into darkness at 5pm.  This afternoon I have a date with the vacuum and yesterday's episode of Wait Wait, Don't tell Me.  Oh yeah, and I'm planning to make beef stew with this:

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. OK - I will be really interested to hear about the beef stew with ?burbon?

    I agree and really REALLY hope that the Badgers can win the rest of their games . . .they SHOULD - but then again - they really should have beated Michigan State and OHIO too! Yesterday was the last game that I have a ticket for - I opted for Purdue over Penn State . . . 'cause that one is at the end of Nov and although I love winter - I like to be moving - not sitting in the cold!

    I have a date with the vaccum this afternoon too - couple rooms done - more to go!