Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Think of the children

American kids are falling behind other countries in subjects like math, science, and reading, and experts will give you lots of reasons why- poverty, budget cuts, teacher shortages- but I for one put the blame for our current educational crisis squarely on the shoulders of one institution: college football.

Conference realignments are big news.  Teams are swapping conferences in hopes of getting more TV revenue.  Conferences are adding teams in hopes of getting more TV revenue.  But all this leads to conference names that bear little resemblance to the teams that actually comprise them.

For example:
  • The Big 10 now has 12 teams
  • The Big 12 will either play with 9 or 10 teams in the fall of 2012
  • Texas A&M is joining the Southeastern Conference (okay, maybe, but it's a stretch), and
  • The even further west Missouri is joining the SEC Eastern division 
No wonder our kids are confused about math and geography!


I really need to clean up our couch!
No long sleeves or long pants here.  It's been cold and rainy (1in of snow predicted today!).  I thought for a half a second about being a hero and running outside anyway, and then I heard the siren song of the treadmill calling me to its loving arms.  

 On a final note,

Happy Birthday to my mom!

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