Friday, November 4, 2011


We had our first real frost of the season this morning, which would have been all fun and pretty and fall-ish etc. etc. except I was running way late to yoga, and I had to drive half way there with the side windows down because I didn't have time to scrape the ice before I left.  Thank goodness for our defrosting windshield wiper fluid! 

Anyone who knows me knows I HATE to be cold.  And if you don't know, I give you Exhibit A- A sticker a helpful coworker put up by my office door.

However, after three WI winters, I think I'm starting to adjust to a new temperature norm.  When I ran out the door this morning, I was wearing cotton yoga capris, a tank top with a sweatshirt, and shoes with no socks, and drove half way to the class with the windows down.  Temperature according to the radio weather announcement: 25 degrees.  When I was living in Florida, I wouldn't have contemplated even going outside with every bit of winter clothing I owned when it was 25 degrees!

Now I have to save that up for when it's really cold.

Ever found yourself doing something you promised yourself you'd never do?   

I'll add another one to the list.  I'm going to donate platelets tomorrow.  Have a needle sticking in my arm for an hour and a half while I watch TLC?  No thanks.  For little babies, you say?  Ehhhhhh... sign me up!

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