Saturday, November 12, 2011

Meanwhile... in Canada

I totally meant for this Meanwhile... meme to be limited to crazy things that happen in Florida, but I heard a story on NPR last night that was way too cute not to pass on.

There's a guy in a town in Alberta, CA who has raised a pet buffalo he calls Bailey Jr.!  According to the news story, Jim Sautner lets his 3-year-old 1800 lb buffalo come in his house, ride in his specially outfitted car, and even hang out at the local bar.  Don't believe me?

Stony Plain Reporter/Spruce Grove Examiner
Why Bailey Jr.?  Because there was a Bailey Sr.  A few years ago, Sautner was grieving for Bailey Sr. after his death when a woman asked him if he would take on another orphan baby bison.

From the NPR story:

"I initially said no, because I was still having my pity party over Bailey Sr.," said Sautner. But then he went over to see him. He was 40 to 50 pounds and cinnamon in color, "the cutest little thing you've ever seen." And Sautner could no refuse him.
Sautner and his wife Linda bottle fed him and fell in love.
"Sometimes, he'd come into the bedroom; sometimes he'd jump in the bed and that didn't work out too well, generally," Sautner said. "As he got bigger, he kept taking too many blankets, so we had to ask him to move outside."

You have to check out this video of the buffalo riding in Sautner's Pontiac Parisienne.

Ever had a crazy pet?  Or a neighbor with a crazy pet?

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